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We’re the internet service that’s delivering the internet to rural America

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Sustainable rural living is important to us and we aim to support and encourage this by optimizing technology use and providing the fastest broadband available to allow people and their businesses to thrive, wherever they are based.

Our vision

Designed to be different from the ground up. Way up.

We bring a personalized, community-oriented approach to all clients for best customer service in Internet! Our goal is to bring internet to locations that are under served because we believe everyone deserves a good connection to the internet. 

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For Rural Areas

SimNet Wireless provides internet access using cell tower networks. You’ll purchase a modem from us and we will ship it out activated and ready to use with service from the carrier we determine will work best at your location.

Absolutely, this service can be used for a home or business.

We have a 14-day risk free return policy. If you order the service and things don’t work out, simply contact us within the trial period for a full refund less the 35.00 activation fee.


Our clients love us!

Great! Internet quality and speed is consistently strong and customer service is quick, responsive, and kind. We have had nothing but great experiences with Simnet.
We live out in the country in NW Florida and most of our neighbors have a satellite dish solution for their internet and they are happy with it. We, on the other hand are very pleased with our SimNet cellular service. We are able to stream TV and all our other internet needs. Highly recommended.