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Frequently Asked Questions

What speeds should I expect?

We cannot guarantee any speeds, averages are between 10 – 25 mbps down. It all depends on how far you are from the tower you are connected to and the amount of congestion there is on that tower. If your speeds are not good, then you may be on the outside of the signal from that tower, as congestion is typically temporary. If this is the case, refer to the FAQ on how to get the best speeds.

How does the free 10-day trial work?

We have a 10-day risk free return policy. If you order the service and things don’t work out, simply contact us within the trial period for a full refund less shipping charges.

Can I use my own modem?

You can use an existing modem if you have one, but you will need to contact us to ensure it’s compatible with our service. While we do our best to ensure a device’s compatibility with our service, we cannot guarantee that your device will work.

Will any router work?

Most any new router will work if it has an Ethernet input. Routers supplied by other internet providers may not work, due to a modem being built in, nor will a router with a DSL or coax input. We suggest one with wireless N or AC standards for the best results. Again, you can purchase one from our website and we highly recommend a current router.

Do I need a wireless router?

If you order the 4G modem kit, then you will need a separate wireless router. You can purchase one from our website or you can supply one.

Can this be used for a business?

Absolutely, this service can be used for a home or business. For work at home, heavy streaming and gaming the RUTX11 is the best choice.

Are there any long-term contracts?

There are currently no long-term contracts, all service is month to month.

Do you have any discounts for larger accounts with multiple devices?

We do have discounted pricing for the purchase of several accounts. Contact us for pricing.

How much does it cost?

To get started, you will need to purchase the modem from our website, the price includes the first month of service and the one time $35.00 activation fee. The service is then $129.99 plus tax per month with credit card autopay.

How do I get service?

SimNet Wireless provides internet access using cell tower networks. You’ll purchase a modem from us and we will ship it out activated and ready to use with service from the carrier we determine will work best at your location.