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What is SimNet Wireless?

Until recently satellite internet and DSL may have been your only options for internet if you live rural. Using cell towers for high speed internet access is going to be the go to option for both rural areas as well as metro locations with the ever-growing network of cell towers and with 5G networks on the horizon. 

You can now enjoy  high speed internet access with a simple device that will connect to a carriers cell towers and bring you fast, reliable internet service. With 5G coming soon and 4G networks getting faster and faster it’s time to get the internet you deserve

SimNet Wireless provides internet services through cell carrier cell towers using 4G modems with 5G capable modems coming soon. Finally, say goodbye to satellite internet and DSL.  

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What Our Customers Think

We are WAY OUT in the country between Elgin and Taylor. I switched to SimNet after my previous provider went out of business and their initial response has been great. The SIM card arrived and worked as soon as I plugged it in, no hassle no delays. Very professional outfit!

Sheri P.

My mother lives in Charlotte, TX, so trying to find unlimited internet options has been a very difficult task for her. I heard about SimNet Wireless, they not only got her the service but the connection is great and unlimited!

Sam A.

The only bad thing about living in the country is country internet and that problem has now been solved! They made sure we were up and running. They worked to get the modem in the most ideal place and now we can actually watch Netflix on multiple devices!

Leon S.

Amazing! We live in a rural area where it is hard to find an internet provider. It works way better than what we had. We can stream on Netflix and use the computer at the same time and everything works and is much faster. Thank you, SimNet wireless for giving us good reliable faster internet.

Lacey J.

SimNet Wireless does just what they say they do. Provide excellent customer service for wireless internet. If you can’t get wired internet they are an awesome alternative! The team will work with you to ensure your experience is as good as possible. Truly unlimited internet!

Bryan W.

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