Discover the Ru-Panel antenna - a reliable solution to elevate your connectivity experience. With its directional design, this antenna stabilizes connections, boosts reliability, and improves download speeds. It excels in long-range scenarios, reaching towers up to 10 miles away, while also maximizing connectivity for locations closer to the tower. Although it requires manual aiming, the Ru-Panel's exceptional performance surpasses that of the Ru-Omni in reaching distant towers.




Introducing the Ru-Omni antenna - your solution for improved connectivity, faster speeds, and expanded coverage. Designed to stabilize the connection between your modem and the nearest tower, the Ru-Omni antenna ensures enhanced reliability and download performance. Even in areas with decent signal strength, the antenna mitigates signal loss when penetrating exterior barriers like energy efficient windows, brick, or metal roofs, making it an excellent choice for optimizing connection quality.