Is this unlimited?

The plans are unlimited with data thresholds which may slow the connection once each respective threshold is reached. Select Market plans allow a massive 800 Gigabytes of data, once that amount of data is reached it may slow to to 3 Mbps until you reach 1.2 Terabytes, then it may slow to 750Kbps, but there is no hard shutoff so data is unlimited. The 300 Gigabyte and 600 Gigabyte plans are slowed to 650kbps after the 300 Gigabyte and 600 Gigabyte thresholds are reached, but there is no hard shutoff so data is unlimited.

Will I see slower speeds at times?

Towers on cellular networks have software built into them to keep them running at maximum efficiency to provide quality service to the users. There are times when the towers may be passing more traffic than normal, and the tower will manage the traffic to maintain service quality. Rural areas typically don’t see heavy loads of traffic on the towers, so in most cases slower speeds because of traffic loads are not an issue. It’s the reason we don’t offer the service in metro areas, the towers are typically already overworked because of the population densities around them.

Why are some plans available nationwide and some are only in select markets?

To understand this, first, you need to understand that cellular networks were not originally designed to be home Internet connections. This means that by design they weren’t intended to handle the amount of data traffic (people on the network browsing, streaming, gaming, etc.) that a home Internet connection demands.

We work with the top four major carriers across the US, and we negotiate plans with them to provide Internet access to homes in rural areas. The carriers decide in what areas their network can handle the additional traffic home Internet use brings, so some of the plans allow us to offer home Internet only in certain areas, and some allow us to offer home Internet nationwide. Each plan is negotiated individually, so the areas we can offer the plan and the price we charge for it are based on these variables. This is why there are different prices for different plans.

I didn’t qualify for the Select Market plan, do you have other plans I can qualify for?

Absolutely, we also have Nationwide plans that are available across most of the United States. These plans are $99 per month, which is still very competitive in the rural Internet market. Unfortunately, the Select Market plans are only available in select markets based on the carrier offering.

What does “up to” 25 Mbps and “up to” 100 Mbps mean?

Our Internet plans have different speed caps on "download speeds" and our plans will allow up to 100 Mbps download speeds for the Select Market plans, and up to 25 Mbps download speeds for the (300 Gigabyte and 600 Gigabyte plans). This means each of the respective plans have the capability to acheive "up to" those download speeds. Your internet comes from a tower so there are factors that come into play which are the distance from your location to the tower and the network capacity on the tower, that determine the actual speeds. Averages are 15 Mbps on up to 50 Mbps but many see much higher speeds up to 100 Mbps just depending on those variables. We test our service ourselves and 15-25 Mbps is more than enough to browse, stream multiple devices, and more with no buffering or loading issues. There can be exceptions, but that is plenty of bandwidth for most online activities. If you are close to the tower and the tower has enough capacity, you can see up to 100 Mbps.

Can I stream movies and play video games?

Absolutely, our internet service not only has fast speeds, but it also has low ping times which means pages load faster, the video doesn’t buffer, and games don’t lag.

How does the 14-day trial work?

Once you receive the Wi-Fi Modem you have 14 days to try the service out. If it’s not providing a connection to the internet that works for your needs, you can get a refund except for the 35.00 activation fee. We will send you a prepaid shipping label and your return will be processed after we receive it back in good condition with the original packaging.

What is a Wi-Fi Modem?

People often confuse our service with Wi-Fi. Our modem connects to a cellular tower to bring you a fast internet connection, which is what the “modem” does. It also broadcasts Wi-Fi for connecting your devices locally in your home. If you have a large residence, you can even add Wi-Fi extenders to extend the range if necessary.

What is plug and play setup?

When you receive the Wi-Fi Modem you will simply power it on and give it a few minutes to connect to the tower. Then connect your devices to its Wi-Fi and you can be online.

Does the system require an antenna?

The Wi-Fi Modem does not require an antenna. If you are in a location where the signal from the tower is weaker you can add one, and we have them available in our store. Sales or tech support can help you choose the right one. If you are in a location where the signal is pretty good, but you want to improve the speed or reliability you can add one as well, but a lot of customers don’t need one. It’s really location specific.

How fast will my order ship?

We process orders daily, if your order is placed before 2 pm on weekdays it will ship the same day via Fed Ex 2-Day shipping. Weekend orders will be processed on Mondays. Once the order is shipped you will receive both a text message and an email with the order status and tracking.

How do I get technical support?

We offer tech support by either text message or a phone call. It’s most efficient if you start with a text to our support at 512-846-9943 as a lot of issues can be solved quickly like that. If your issue turns out to be more complex, we can get on the phone with you and find a solution that way.

Will this work with a VPN?

Yes, VPN connections will work. If you work for a company that has very strict requirements and security measures there can be exceptions, but we have only seen a handful of situations like that.

Are taxes and fees really included?

All taxes and fees are included in the monthly pricing, no additional taxes and fees will be added.

How does the Wi-Fi Modem lease work?

We offer both a purchase and a lease option for the Wi-Fi Modem. Some people prefer to pay for it and not pay to lease it. Over time, that is the best option. If you prefer less upfront cost the lease option is great, and a lot of people take advantage of it. On a lease option, you are required to return the Wi-Fi Modem in good condition should you ever cancel service.