RUT240 Unit Only

This is Plug & Play with the WIFI Router Built in. Perfect for streaming and casual internet usage to your home. We often recommend purchasing or having your own router to maximize WIFI throughout your home. Just put it anywhere in your house plug it in. You will have WIFI to the internet! 

This is just the unit without a sim card and no service.


These products are for the device only, they are intended for customers that need to either replace a unit or upgrade their existing unit. If you are a new customer signing up for service, please use the Get Started packages.

Compact, robust and powerful device tailored for Industrial M2M/IoT applications. RUT240 is equipped with 2 x Ethernet and Wireless interfaces with Hotspot functionality. Device provides secure and stable Internet connectivity for Industrial applications using RutOS software and security features such as OpenVPN, IPsec, Firewall, Hotspot, SMS control and RMS support. An easy to use configuration system allows you full control of the device’s capabilities. Passthrough and Bridge capable, allowing you to chose which device in your network to assign control over the infrastructure protocols.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

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