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Our Products

With SimNet as your wireless internet service provider and our Gateway as your WiFi router, you’ll enjoy lightning fast speeds for your connected devices.

Wireless Access Points

What does Wireless Access Point (WAP) mean? A wireless access point (WAP) is a hardware device or configured node on a local area network (LAN) that allows wireless capable devices and wired networks to connect through a wireless standard, including Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Outdoor Systems

As a rule of thumb, indoor antennas are suitable for areas with strong or very strong signals, the attic/outdoor antennas work in areas of medium signal strength, and the larger outdoor antennas in areas of weak signals.

Modems Only

LTE Modems are a simple LTE connectivity solution for all your devices and equipment. Simply connect this LTE Modem directly to your router, switch or computer to provide an instant 4G LTE or  broadband connection.


The router shares the Internet signal between the multiple devices. Every device on the Internet needs a unique IP address.  In addition, most routers offer WiFi, allowing you to connect devices without a physical cable

Antennas Only

The single most important thing you can do to extend the range of your system is to install an external antenna with some good gain and directional or omni-directional qualities.


This set of Accessories may help augment your Internet service. We offer a mix of devices like routers, Wi-Fi extenders, backup power, switches, and adapters.